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Stanley Furniture ja CDSOA-maksut (osa2)

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Kirjoitin aikaisemmassa julkaisussa STLYn uutisesta, jossa se kertoi saaneensa positiivisen päätöksen CDSOA-maksuista. Uutisessa oli muutama kohta, jotka jäivät vaivaamaan, joten kirjoitin jälleen kerran Stanleyn CFO:lle ja pyysin hieman lisätietoja. Tässä tärkeimmät tiedot:

Minä: The 8K-filing raised some questions and I thought maybe you could elaborate few things. I understand that the specific payment date cannot be known but in the filing it said “there is no legally binding deadline for Customs to do so by then or at alland I was a bit surprised about the “or at all” part. Does this mean that the customs may choose not to pay before it’s absolutely clear that there will be no more litigation about the subject or what?

Vastaus: As we understand it, the litigator for Customs told our council they intend to start distribute Inc the money and should be complete by mid April.  That statement is not legal or binding and for some reason that we can not imagine and do not expect, Customs, could in theory not distribute the funds.  This is one of those cases where we just need to disclose all possibilities.

Minä: Is it known when the non-supporting producers must appeal about the verdict (i.e. is there some specific date)?

Vastaus: In terms of timing, we know the Court intends to hear the Furniture Brand appeal and we do not know how long that will take – maybe 9 months.  They have not decided if they will hear the others – we will disclose information as soon as it becomes available.

Minä: If Stanley gets the payment, will it invest it in anyway or will the cash sit idle until it’s certain that it doesn’t need to be returned?

Vastaus: At this point we believe we will keep it safe and liquid until all pending litigation is complete. Maybe fully insured CD’s.

Toivottavasti nämä tiedot selkeyttävät asiaa muille omistajille ja mahdollisille uusille sijoittajille.

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10/03/2012 at 20:22

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